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Why to Extend Your Dev Team with Google Cloud Computing Services Engineer?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third-largest provider of cloud computing services with a market share of over 8% in the global market with a consistently increasing popularity. Extending your team with a professional engineer for cloud management and GCP consulting services will provide you with numerous benefits and value-added qualities such as:

GCP benefits
  • Capabilities utilization – Google offers numerous competences and features, which require technical expertise to utilize properly. Extending your technical team with a GCP engineer will help your business to use those desirable abilities of the platform more effectively to achieve the desired business bottom lines.
  • Effective consulting – A good engineer will help you provide detailed consulting services through his/her past experiences and domain expertise. You can assess existing resources and chart-out proper plans for future needs.
  • Hybrid & multi-cloud – Google cloud offers public, private, and hybrid cloud models and also supports multi-cloud environments through Anthos and other management platforms. A Google engineer can realize the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems more effectively.
  • Right choice of services – Extension of your team with awesome GCP contractors can choose the right set of cloud services out of a range of GCP cloud services and tools to build an efficient solution for your business.
  • Cutting-edge technologies – GCP offers highly advanced technologies and services artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), and a range of APIs, which can be used by only an expert engineer in your team to materialize the benefits of those technologies.
  • Faster time-to-market (TTM) – The software development process, product launch, service patching, version upgrades, and other such commercial launches are faster to the market, if you extend your team with a GCP engineer.
  • Improved security – Security is a continuous and highly technical matter that requires domain-specific expertise to maintain it in robust conditions. Extending your team with a GCP engineer will help you improve the security of your network through regular updates, vulnerability assessment, patching, faster disaster recovery, increased testing and monitoring coverage, and many others.
  • Increased automation – Automation plays a very key role in maintaining a clear-cut edge over other contenders in the cut-throat competitive market place. A specialized GCP engineer will increase the process automation for repetitive and manual tasks to increase the efficiency of your business processes significantly.

How and Where to Hire a Google Cloud Programmer?

You can hire a Google cloud programmer through multiple ways of recruitment such as:

  • Outstaffing – Outstaffing is a model of hiring in which the entire process of sourcing and hiring of remote GCP specialist teams and onboarding as well as management of the newly hired remote team is accomplished by the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers like us. The popularity of RPO is increasing drastically. The global market size of RPO is expected to reach $14.5 billion by 2026 with a whopping growth of over 19.7 CAGR between 2020 and 2026. This process is very beneficial for many types and sizes of companies because it offers cost-efficiency, team control, and hassle-free management of the entire team.
  • Freelancers – This is another very cost-efficient model of hiring which is popular in this modern era of business powered by information technologies. Freelancer has a few very major downsides along with the benefits. It is an unreliable and less secure model of hiring that may lead to low-quality and increased risk. It offers highly competitive rates and large numbers of Google cloud engineers located across the globe to choose from.
  • In-house hiring – This is the traditional form of hiring in which a Google engineer is hired from the available resources in local market. This hiring process is linked with numerous downsides such as upfront cost, slow hiring speed, lower retention rate, huge legal and social liabilities, and many others. On the upside, this model of hiring offers better reliability and control but needs additional management cost.

Many companies across the globe choose outstaffing models of recruitment from top outsourcing destinations such as Ukraine due to the wide range of benefits and features offered by it. We offer highly professional outstaffing services for enterprises located around the world and across the industry spectrum.

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Main Skills and Qualities to Look for in Finding an Ideal Google Cloud Engineer

To add a perfect cloud engineer in a remote Google cloud network team, your Google cloud service provider should look for a range of skills and qualities in different categories such as:

  • Cloud infrastructure – An ideal engineer should be very well aware of GCP cloud infrastructure, its components, service models, allied tools and cloud services provided by GCP platform such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Docs, Console, CLI, vCPUs, VMs, and others
  • Networking – A good GCP consultant engineer should have command over different networking devices, concepts, components, and protocols such as virtual routers, routes, WAN, VLAN, TCP/IP, subnet masking, load-balancing, and others.
  • GCP security services – In this category, a GCP security engineer should have skills and qualities to safeguard data, networks, systems, servers, and devices with the help of different techniques, tools, and expertise such as encryption, antivirus, bug-fixing, vulnerability tracing, patching, and updating applications, and tools.
  • Database storage & management – An Awesome GCP data engineer should have extensive knowledge of Google cloud database services, Google cloud backup services, Google cloud storage services, data migration, database management, and database reporting.
  • Programming skills – A Google cloud development company should look for basic programming skills and expertise in a Google cloud engineer such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, .NET, and other.
  • Systems and platforms – A professional cloud engineer whether AWS software engineer or GCP cloud engineer should have in-depth knowledge and experience with different platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Kubernetes, Ansible, DevOps, Agile, CI/CD, and others

Sample of Google Cloud Engineer Resume

google cloud engineer resume sample

Common Interview Questions to Evaluate a Google Certified Cloud Developer

  1. What do you know about the Firebase platform?
  2. Could you name a few major development components of Google Cloud?
  3. What cloud libraries and tools do you use commonly on GCP?
  4. What are the differences and relationship between Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine?
  5. What do you know about Google Compute container projects?
  6. What is BigQuery and where do you use it?
  7. Can you elaborate on the main features, functions, and capabilities of Google Cloud SDK?
  8. What are a few common ways of installing Google Cloud SDK?
  9. What do you know about Google Cloud APIs?
  10. Can you retrieve a deleted instance in GCP?

Comparison of Google Cloud Engineer Salary in Different Countries

Average salaries of Google cloud engineers vary significantly due to numerous reasons in different countries and regions of the world such as living cost, economy size and type, demand and supply of the GCP engineers, popularity of GCP DevOps services, and others. The average salaries of a Google associate cloud engineer in a few major countries of Europe and North America are compared in the table:

CountryGoogle Cloud Engineer Average Salary

*Rates for GCP engineers in Ukraine are provided based on our research on the local job markets.

In this salary comparison, the USA, Canada, and Switzerland are the three most costly countries for hiring a GCP DevOps engineer while the top three most competitive countries are Ukraine, Poland, and France respectively. Thus, Ukraine is the most attractive and cost-efficient destination for remote Google cloud solutions architect hiring and dedicated team building services.

How Do We Assist Businesses in Staffing Remote Google Cloud Support Team Globally?

Our Google staff recruitment and consulting services provide comprehensive HR support to global companies of all sizes and types, especially in the field of information technology. The most common ways we assist our clients include:

  • Team augmentation – Our hiring services are capable of providing you support in augmenting your existing teams with all types of Google specialists very fast, accurately and reliably.
  • Dedicated team building – We can build your remote and dedicated team from the scratch based on the requirements and desired profiles of candidates. Our team can translate your requirements into a human resource solution and build a complete team to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Task-specific hiring – Our recruitment team provides assistance to our clients in hiring different types of Google specialists as well as Azure, and AWS cloud engineers, for task-specific requirements based on contract-based, short-term, and temporary hiring.
  • Project-based recruitment – If you are in need of Google cloud staff for certain IT projects, we can help you recruit a wide range of project roles such as managers, consultants, coordinators, engineers, testers, QA engineers, and others.
  • HR consulting services – We help our clients in devising highly professional HR solutions out of the requirements, existing resources, and budgets of our clients. We provide end-to-end consulting services to obtain the most of the available company resources.
  • Team scaling – If you are looking for timely scaling and future planning for team expansion, our team is able to provide you with highly expert-level services related to team scaling.

What Makes Ukraine a Great Destination for Google Cloud Team Outstaffing Solutions?

Ukraine has emerged as an IT export-oriented country. IT services export is the top contributor of Ukraine’s total export and accounts for over 8.3% and a volume of over $5.03 billion. The main reasons that make Ukraine a great destination include:

  • Tech talent – Ukraine has one of the largest tech-talent pools of over 200 thousand IT specialists to choose from in the region. Recruiting GCP staff in Ukraine offers a range of options and flexibility.
  • Competitiveness – The average cost of the recruitment process as well as GCP cloud experts is very competitive as compared to many competitors in the world.
  • Ideal location – Being located in Eastern Europe, it is very perfect for companies across all major regions to physically travel and communicate with the remote teams located in Ukraine. There are certain overlapping working hours with many countries.
  • Professionalism – Reliability, commitment, customer-oriented approach, flexible working hours, and target-oriented nature are a few main traits of Ukrainian professionals.
  • Shared culture – Ukraine shares European culture and possesses proficiency in the English language.  
reasons to hire a google cloud programmer in ukraine

Cloud Developers: a Step-by-Step Recruitment Process

Our process of recruiting dedicated cloud developers for hire remotely is divided into a simple set of responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in this entire course like:

#1. Our Client

  • Shares requirements and desired objectives
  • Provides role profile of an ideal candidate
  • Approves the final hiring

#2. Our Hiring Team

  • Sources and shares the CVs for approval
  • Scrutinizes, screens, and short-lists the candidates
  • Arranges interviews and coordinates with the clients
  • Completes job offering process

#3. Our Resource Management Team

  • Onboards the newly hired human resources
  • Brands workspace in accordance with the client’s corporate identity
  • Facilitates and keeps in touch with the hired team for smooth activities


GCP engineer/team got hired!

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