Dedicated Cloud Software Engineer for Hire

Lift your business quality, performance and productivity leveraging the power of cloud computing platforms more effectively and professionally by recruiting highly skilled cloud software engineers with us in Ukraine!

Specialized Cloud Engineer Recruitment Services

We are a specialized provider of remote recruitment solutions and consultancy for offshore cloud services to our clients. We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine, one of the most popular destinations for outsourced cloud engineering services. Our professional-grade HR consulting and dedicated engineering team building services help businesses form virtual teams to devotedly work on the specific projects under full and direct control of the clients located in other countries. We offer:

Comprehensive Solutions

Our company offers end-to-end HR solutions to fully meet your business requirements. We assess your existing resources, analyze your requirements, propose a suitable human resource solution, and complete the searching, hiring, and onboarding process.

The Right Talent with the Right Skills

We specialize in hiring the most suitable cloud engineer remote specialists with 100% matching skills, experience, and qualifications so that our clients get the right value to their investment in our services.


Our recruitment services are highly competitive as compared to many competitors. We offer fixed and predictable pricing plans, which are extremely transparent and free from any kinds of hidden charges or top-up fees at all.


Our recruitment service is characterized by the professionalism in our hiring process as well as in the professionals we hire for our clients. The Ukrainian employees we recruit have professional attitudes, job commitment, and innovative approach to obtain solutions to the problems.

Managed Services

The specialist recruitment team of our company offers fully-managed and hassle-free services, which provide additional time to our clients to focus on core business ideas and process with full confidence.

Higher Quality of Service

We offer building strong cloud engineering team and provide our clients greater cost/quality ratio in line with the international and European quality benchmarks.

AWS Cloud Engineer for Hire

An AWS cloud engineer performs a wide range of activities and functions related to the cloud administration, architecture, and software development areas. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform with the global market share of 32% and growing with over 32% annual growth, which drives the increased demand to hire AWS developers and engineers in the marketplace.

The most common reasons to hire an Amazon Web Services certified developer include:
– Helps to utilize the features and capabilities more effectively to bring efficiency and productivity to the business processes in AWS cloud
– Provides help on effective use of the cloud resources to achieve the desired business objectives
– Brings the industry experience and expertise on modern technological trends to your company
– Ensures the right selection of the AWS cloud applications, tools, and allied services
– Designs the most reliable and high-performing cloud solutions for your business
– Creates customized applications, functions, and add-ons to create personalized business touch
– Helps maintain high-level of security to make your AWS cloud more robust
– Provides support to improve the quality and testing coverage of software code through offshore AWS development process
– Offers comprehensive administrative support for software and hardware asset management in AWS hybrid cloud environment


Google Cloud Engineer for Hire

Google Cloud engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and operating a cloud-infrastructure or a web solution in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. The role of a GCP associate cloud engineer is very pivotal in the smooth running of cloud-based services for any kind of business in the GCP cloud ecosystem. GCP is growing at a very fast rate of over 46% annualized growth as compared to the previous year. Google offers a large software development and integration ecosystem powered by numerous development tools and APIs for building a wide range of software applications and integrating with Google’s cloud applications smoothly. Due to a huge demand for Google cloud developers and engineers, enterprises are very curious to know about how much is it cost to hire Google cloud developer and what are the benefits for my business to hire Google cloud developers remotely. The average cost of hiring a remote Google developer is many times lesser than hiring an on-premises developer.

The most common benefits of hiring a GCP engineer include: – Proper utilizations of huge GCP cloud ecosystem, which includes a range of tools related to data analytics, big data processing, artificial intelligence, automation, cybersecurity, troubleshooting, testing, and many others
– Optimized use of cloud resources to reduce the recurring charges
– Creation of an end-to-end GCP based cloud solution
– Enhancement in cybersecurity and operational reliability
– Effective load-balancing, data migration and virtualized data storage in real-time environment
– Improvement in efficiency, performance, quality, productivity, and interoperability of the business processes to generate great value for the customers


Azure Cloud Developer for Hire

An Azure cloud developer builds cloud applications for automation of a process or a function using Azure cloud architecture and applied tools and APIs. Cloud ecosystem of Microsoft Azure has expanded extensively during the past few years to make one of the top three players in this field. Microsoft Azure Cloud is growing at a whopping annualized rate of over 23%, which has also increased the demand for Azure developers and offshore Azure cloud engineers significantly in all major markets of the world.

The most common roles and responsibilities of an Azure cloud developer include:
– Developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring business process automation and functional applications in MS Azure Cloud through .NET environment and other Microsoft support programming languages
– Understanding and analyzing customer requirements to build a suitable software solution in Azure cloud ecosystem
– Establishing coordination among the cross-functional Azure development team consisting of an Azure cloud engineer, tester, QA and operations engineers, professional cloud security engineer and managers to implement CI/CD software development lifecycle
– Debugging software code, implementing security features, and providing patches for the vulnerabilities in the code on a continual-process basis.


How Do We Find and Hire Cloud Engineers for Our Clients?

Client Requirements

Our team collects and analyzes clients’ requirements to propose a suitable solution

Talent Sourcing

We use social media, referrals, job portals, location databases and more to source the relevant talent.


Through specialized tools and our expertise, we shortlist the most relevant candidates.


Multiple rounds of interviews are conducted by our team in coordination with clients.


We send offer letters to the selected candidates for acceptance. Then, a detailed contract is signed by us with the hired candidate.


Newly hired employees are introduced with existing teams and workflows by our team.

How Are We Different from Other Cloud Computing Recruitment Agencies?

We are different from other cloud computing recruitment agencies due two main reasons:

#1. Top Values We Offer to Our Clients
– Unified solution. We offer end-to-end HR solutions to our clients that includes analysis of existing resources and requirements, suggesting suitable solutions, providing required resources, and providing backup support for scaling up.
– Cost saving. We save cost through competitive recruitment fee, affordable tech-talent salaries, and backup support cost.
– Higher cost/quality ratio. Our service offers greater cost/quality ratio in line with the international quality standards.
– Managed services. We offer fully-managed and hassle-free services to save substantial time for our clients to focus on core business ideas.
– Right staff for the right job. Our team specializes in hiring the right person with the right skills to provide a great value for the investment of our client.

#2. Unique Qualities of Ukrainian Cloud Developers for Hire
– Highly professional attitude
– Innately tech-savvy tendency
– Trained in very technical ecosystems
– Very creative and innovative thinkers
– Customer-oriented and solution-oriented approach
– Extremely flexible in working hours with out-of-the-box approach
– Highly reliable and trustworthy people

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