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Recruit a perfect AWS cloud support engineer or a consolidated multi-discipline AWS team to effectively deploy AWS cloud services through an expert AWS staffing company remotely from Ukraine!

Top Perks of Having an AWS Cloud Software Engineer in Your Dev Team

Amazon web cloud services are complex to deploy seamlessly and require high level of expertise to obtain the full benefits of this platform. Having a skilled AWS developer will help you achieve the most desirable benefits such as:

reasons to hire aws professional services engineer
  • Efficient use of resources – If your development team has a qualified AWS developer, you can utilize the cloud resources more efficiently by exploiting all possible features and capabilities of AWS cloud services with 100% implementation.
  • Cost reduction – A principal software engineer AWS in your team can help you to reduce the development and operational cost of your business significantly by providing the most effective solutions that increase performance and save money for your business.
  • Team productivity – The throughput of your development team improves substantially due to the implementation of numerous automation capabilities and the customized use of AWS services with the help of an AWS cloud DevOps engineer.
  • Greater security – An Amazon web services team extended with an expert AWS developer increases the security by developing the fundamental features and capabilities in the software products and increasing the testing coverage that help maintain robust security in the software products and services.
  • Increased reliability and resilience – If you hire or rent a coder AWS for your development team, you improve the reliability and robustness of your development from the scratch. A professional developer will ensure operational resilience and self-healing capabilities of your product or service that increase the functioning reliability and the trust of customers.
  • Improved process automation – Having an expert AWS software developer in your team improves automation in your routine processes by replacing all repetitive manual processes with automated codes, which increase the efficiency and performance of the business significantly.
  • Access to trends & modern technologies – AWS platform is continuously adopting numerous latest technologies and industry trends into a wide range of its cloud services. A qualified developer for AWS cloud services remote development can implement the cutting-edge technologies and the latest industry trends into the services.
  • Perfect digital transformation – An AWS cloud consulting developer helps you achieve the perfect digital transformation of your company in an AWS cloud ecosystem by developing and deploying the most relevant and customized solutions that match 100% with your business needs.
  • Continual improvement – You can improve your services and software products deployed in the AWS cloud, if you have a skilled developer in your team. A close monitoring of code development, performance, testing, and debugging keeps the products improving continuously.

Major Roles & Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Developer Professional in Your Project

The most relevant AWS cloud engineer resume is chosen by comparing the skills and qualifications with the major responsibilities to be performed in an AWS certified developer role such as:

  • Understanding, assessing, and evaluating the existing cloud infrastructure, services, and resources associated with a particular web service
  • Developing an optimal solution for web development, testing, deployment, and performance monitoring
  • Leveraging the software development kit (SDK) for smooth communication among different services
  • Coordinating and collaborating with an Amazon web services consultant, infrastructure engineers, and AWS cloud storage engineers simultaneously
  • Creating and integrating different tools through application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Evaluating and developing automated codes for manual and repetitive types of processes
  • Developing effective codes for improving the performance, security, and reliability of AWS cloud applications
  • Deploying multiple layers of security in the codes such as encryption, authentication, and authorization into the apps on AWS cloud.
  • Making decision about application hosting in AWS Lambda or AWS cloud instances
  • Creating plans for smooth migration of data, services, and codes in a multi-cloud environment
  • Optimization of AWS services and customized web applications
  • Developing and deploying modifications and changes in the existing web application ecosystem
  • Establishing and implementing an application monitoring and CI/CD stacks

AWS Software Engineer CV Sample

aws cloud engineer resume sample

Typical Interview Questions to Hire AWS Developer

The typical interview questions that an AWS cloud computing company may ask to evaluate the capabilities, skills, and hands-on experience of an AWS cloud solution architect engineer include:

Q1: What do you know about SnowBall app and for what purpose is it used?

Q2: What are the major components and services used by an AWS developer for building a web application?

Q3: What is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and what are its main components?

Q4: How will you differentiate between Amazon S3 and EC2 services?

Q5: What are the major ways to send a request to AWS S3 service?

Q6: What major DevOps platforms are you aware of?

Q7: What types of storage options can you use in the AWS cloud environment?

Q8: What are the major objectives of designing T2 instances in AWS cloud?

Q9: What may be the major causes for connection failure while connecting to AWS instances?

Q10: How will you differentiate AWS Lambda with Amazon EC2?

Popular Methods to Find AWS Developer

With the increased popularity of virtual recruitment of AWS contractor services, the ways to extend an existing team of an AWS cloud infrastructure engineer, Azure cloud engineer, or other specialists have also changed. A few very popular methods of extending your team include:

  1. Outstaffing – This is one of the most popular methods of extending your existing team with dedicated engineers, developers, and AWS cloud security architect remote professionals. An AWS engineer is hired to work dedicatedly on the project of the client with full control. This method is also equally effective for building a remote team for AWS cloud monitoring services offshore model. This is a very cost-efficient and highly reliable method for all types and sizes of enterprise and produces the desired business objectives perfectly.
  2. On-premises recruitment – This is the traditional method of extending your team through on-premises hiring. This method has numerous disadvantages such as hiring-cost, legal bindings, social securities, upfront-cost, and many others.
  3. Freelancer – This is another type of remote hiring in which an AWS cloud service provider recruits a freelance developer or engineers through freelancing service websites. This is the most unreliable method because there is no guarantee from any third party. The cost of this type of hiring is very low but reliability and quality issues are major concerns associated with this method.

The popularity of the outstaffing model of cloud software engineer hiring is continuously increasing due to cost-efficiency, greater reliability, fully-managed service, and better quality.

Comparison of Salaries to Hire AWS Professional Services Engineer in Different Countries

The average AWS cloud developer salary varies from country to country due to numerous factors such as availability of talent, market size, demand, status and type of economy, living expenses, and others. The average salaries to hire AWS professional services engineer in different countries are shown in the table:

CountryAWS Developer Average Salary

*Rates for AWS engineers in Ukraine are provided based on our research on the local job markets.

If we compare the average salaries of software engineers with AWS skills in different countries, we will come to a conclusion that Ukraine is the most competitive and the USA is the most costly country for remote recruitment of an AWS software engineer.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire AWS Consultants and Developers in Ukraine

Ukraine has become a very attractive destination for a range of companies from all over the world to build remote IT teams due to numerous reasons such as:

reasons to find aws developer in ukraine
  1. Education and expertise – Ukraine has a very well-placed and high-quality network of technical education system with over 619 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This big network of higher educational institutes educated over 1.439 million students.
  2. Higher price/quality ratio – Ukrainian software developers are highly tech-savvy and focus on innovative approaches to find out the high-quality solutions. The cost of hiring an AWS software engineer in Ukraine is more competitive than many other competitors. Ukrainian engineers provide greater value vs cost ratio.
  3. Sizable pool of tech talent – There is a huge number of over 200 thousand IT specialists and experts in the country that allows the enterprises to find the most relevant AWS consultants with the desired skill set.
  4. Favorable location – The centralized location of Ukraine with overlapped working hours with many countries in Europe, North America, Indo-Pacific, and other regions play a very pivotal role for companies to build a remote team in this country for easy communication, coordination, and physical traveling.
  5. Shared culture – Ukraine shares the European culture with common work ethics, personal behaviors, etiquettes, disciplines, festivities, and languages. A huge ratio of IT specialists in major hubs like Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, and others are fluent in English. On average, more than 50% of the population aged between 20 to 35 can speak English. The ratio of English-speaking IT professionals ranges up to 85%.

Why Choose Us as a Reliable AWS Recruitment Agency?

Our remote recruitment company is a highly professional agency for hiring AWS engineers, developers, and consultants that you can rely upon due to numerous good reasons such as:

  • Quality – Our remote recruitment services are powered by industry experts and recruitment specialists that believe in providing high-quality services in recruitment as well as in hiring the right AWS developers for our clients.
  • Cost-efficiency – We are a provider of highly cost-efficient services that save you substantial cost on recruitment services as well as on competitive salaries of the hired candidates for our clients.
  • Transparency – Our company has a greater level of transparency in communication, prices, and consultancy. We offer fixed charges without any confusion or hidden charges. We oblige our commitments faithfully without any complaints or reluctances.
  • Access to the right talent – We have access to a huge pool located in Ukraine that allows us to choose the rightmost talent for our client. We use multiple channels and techniques to find the right talent for you.
  • Reliability – Our clients can rely upon us with full confidence for any kinds of remote recruitment solutions. We commit only what we can deliver. The rest assured!
  • Comprehensiveness – We offer a consolidated set of remote outsourcing services that include HR consulting, candidate sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding. We also help in scaling up the teams within a short period of time for our clients.  
hire aws software engineer

How Does Our AWS Recruitment Services Work?

Our recruitment process is based on the shared responsibilities and activities of our three stakeholders:

#1. Our Client

  • Providing profile of an ideal candidate
  • Sharing details of specific technical task
  • Approving of selected professional

#2. Our Recruitment Team

  • Sending CV to clients for review
  • Screening top resumes and find the right one
  • Coordinating and arranging interviews through video calls with client
  • Making job offer

#3. Our Resource Management Team

  • Onboarding of newly hired employees
  • Branding workspace to match corporate identity of our client
  • Keeping in touch and facilitating the newly hired developers for smooth running of workflow


Formation of a specialized AWS developer team

If you are looking for a remote professional recruitment agency to extend your AWS team, get in touch with us and hire AWS software engineer in Ukraine now!