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Materialize the top benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud for your business through effective use of a range of features and capabilities through an expert Azure software developer with us!

Main Reasons to Extend Your Team with a Microsoft Azure Software Engineer

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a feature-rich, integrated, and complex platform, which offers a wide range of capabilities for enhancing your business processes. You need a professional Azure cloud infrastructure team consisting of an Azure software engineer, security specialists, Azure cloud network engineer, and others to exploit all those competencies of the platform and achieve the desired benefits such as:

azure staffing solutions benefits for your team
  • Effective use of platform features – An Azure cloud core developer can help enterprises use the entire cloud landscape and its capabilities more efficiently to build the most accurate solution that your business is looking for.
  • Faster time-to-market – The addition of an Azure engineer in your Microsoft Azure team will speed up the development process by developing codes to automate numerous manual and repetitive processes. You get faster builds, commits, releases, and even products to develop competitive-edge in the market.
  • Cost saving – Hiring a skilled Azure engineer to extend your Azure cloud consulting services team will save you substantial cost by reducing the development and operations cost, enhancing speed, and improving the performance of cloud solutions.
  • Resource optimization – With the help of an Azure cloud data engineer in your team will help you achieve the optimal usage of cloud resources such as storage, computing, network, and others.
  • Cutting-edge technologies – Microsoft Azure cloud offers numerous advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), mobile technologies, and others. Your team extended with an Azure engineer remote will help you realize the benefits of these advanced technologies perfectly.
  • Range of cloud services – Microsoft Azure platform is supported by over 200 products and cloud services and over 90 industry compliances, which can be perfectly tapped into the professional-level solutions for your enterprises if you hire Azure engineer to extend your team.
  • Robust security – An Azure cloud security services team extended with a great Azure engineer will assist businesses improve cybersecurity significantly from the beginning of software development, testing, and deployment.  
  • Improved team productivity – A cross-functional team extended with a Microsoft Azure consulting engineer, especially with a remote developer is found to be very productive in many surveys in the past. 

Qualifications and Skills to Look for in a Reliable Azure Cloud Operations Engineer

To hire cloud engineers with Microsoft Azure cloud expertise, you need to look for different sets of skills and qualifications such as:

  • Cloud specialties – A good Azure engineer should be very well aware of different aspects of Microsoft Azure Cloud platform such as storage, virtual machines, virtual networks, databases, cloud apps, APIs, and others. Should have full command over the structure, features, and capabilities of the Azure cloud platform. A deeper understanding of the entire Azure cloud infrastructure is also a must.
  • Programming – A good engineer to hire for a Microsoft Azure storage & cloud edge team should have deeper knowledge of basic web and general-purpose programming languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, C++, C#, .NET, PHP, Python, and others
  • Database skills – You should look for the most commonly used database development and management skills such as Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Azure Active Directory, and others in a good Azure engineer to hire.
  • Networking – Strong concepts of TCP/IP, routing protocols, bandwidth, sub-networking, and load-balancing are necessary in an engineer along with hands-on experience with routers, servers, web browsers and others to hire for an Azure network team.
  • IT platforms – You need search for skills and qualifications related to IT platforms such as Azure DevOps, Agile development methodology, CI/CD, containerization, Azure SDKs, development tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Selenium, Jenkin, Windows, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, and others in a perfect Azure engineer to augment your team remotely.
  • Additional expertise – You should also search for additional skills such as strong understanding of Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure App Services, PlayFab, Azure Cognitive Service, Azure Functions, Quantum, AKS, Azure Arc, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others 

Sample of Azure Cloud Engineer Resume

azure cloud engineer resume sample

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Azure Engineers Vs In-House Vs Freelancers

In the modern human resource recruitment industry, three major models of hiring – Offshore, In-House, and Freelancer – are used extensively to build Azure Cloud infrastructure services teams. Those hiring models have their respective benefits as compared in the table:

Comparing FactorsOffshore RecruitmentFreelancer RecruitmentIn-House Recruitment
Cost-saving on the hiring processHighHighLow
Cost-saving on salaryHighHighLow
Business data securityHighLowHigh
Administrative controlHighLowHigh
Staff reliabilityHighLowHigher
Employee retentionHighLowLow
Access to the right skillsHighHighLow
Recruitment process timeShortShortLong
Flexibility in working hoursHighHighLow
Communication effectivenessHighAverageHigher
Time required for scaling up the teamsShortShortLong

You can see, all benefit factors compared are positive in offshore recruitment of Azure cloud migration services engineers or developers. For freelancer recruitment, four desirable parameters are negative and one is average while in the in-house hiring model, seven beneficial factors are negative while a couple of factors are even more beneficial. From this comparison of all beneficial parameters, it is very clear that offshore recruitment of an Azure, AWS, or a Google cloud engineer is the most advantageous of both in-house and freelancer hiring models.

Top Destinations for Remote Azure Staffing Solutions

With the passage of time, new remote staffing attractive destinations for Azure PaaS cloud services and other tech-talent hiring are emerging. A few top destinations for remote Azure employment solutions include:

#1. Ukraine

Ukraine has emerged as the brightest spot for IT outsourcing and remote team building solutions across the globe. The IT services export of the country crossed $5 billion with over 4% of the GDP of the country. The future of the IT industry is very bright. The company houses over 5000 IT companies that drive a whopping growth of over 20% in IT services. The main factors that make Ukraine the brightest spot for IT outsourcing include:

reasons to hire offshore azure engineers in ukraine
  • Progressive and export-oriented IT market
  • A huge pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists
  • Home of many unicorns and nursery for many startups
  • Powerful technical educational system powered hundreds of technical institutes
  • Highly competitive prices as compared to many competitors
  • Offers greater cost vs quality ratio among the competitors
  • Highly tech-savvy and innovative thinker population
  • Extremely professional behavior and work ethics
  • Customer-oriented and out-of-the-box approach to develop solutions to the problems
  • Highly ideal location with overlapped working hours for better communication and physical traveling

#2. Poland

Poland is another attractive destination for hiring Microsoft Azure services teams. It is located in Eastern Europe, which is emerging as a very important region for IT talent outsourcing. The country’s total IT outsourcing is about $2.318 billion. The country houses more than 700 IT outsourcing companies and R&D centers that employ more than 150,000 specialists out of about 355 thousand IT experts in the country. The main reasons to choose Poland as an IT outsourcing destination include expanding IT exports, competitive costs, and quality of work.

#3. Belarus

The share of IT services in the entire service exports of Belarus stands at over 20% and contributes about $2.7 billion, which makes Belarus one of the attractive destinations for IT outsourcing. Powered by a huge pool of over 70,000 IT specialists, the share of the ICT sector in the GDP of the country is projected to reach 7.5% by 2025. The other major factors that make Belarus an attractive destination include supportive government policies, a strong STEM education system, cost efficiency, an export-oriented economy and others.

#4. India

India’s IT outsourcing industry is the leader in the world with over $194 billion of IT sector revenue powered by a multi-million pool of IT specialists. The total number of IT specialists employed in the IT sector of India is about 4.5 million professionals. The other major factors that make India an attractive destination for building remote teams of Azure engineers and developers include cheap cost, progressive market, and proficiency in English language.

hire azure cloud engineer in ukraine

Comparison of Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer Salary in Different European Countries

The average salaries of engineers for Microsoft Azure Cloud services vary significantly from country to country and region to region due to numerous factors such as living cost, type and size of the economy, demand and supply of an Azure consultant and developer, quality of talent, and many others. The average salaries of a Microsoft Azure Cloud engineer in different European countries are mentioned in the table:

CountryMS Azure Developer Average Salary

*Rates for Azure engineers in Ukraine are provided based on our research on the local job portals.

You see, the average salary of an Azure engineer in Germany and Switzerland is the highest respectively while in Poland and Ukraine, the average salaries are the most competitive ones. Ukraine is the most affordable of its many competitors in the market.

Why Choose Us as a Reliable Azure Cloud Solution Provider for Dedicated Team Building?

We are a highly reliable Azure managed services provider based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our company focuses on building a long-term business relationship with our valued clients by providing highly professional services with desirable benefits such as:

  • End-to-end solution – We help businesses from requirement analysis through talent-sourcing, recruiting, offering, onboarding, and scaling. You get a suitable solution for all your HR needs under one roof. We assist you in team extension, project-based hiring, part-time and full-time hiring, building teams from scratch, and others.
  • Competitiveness – Our services are highly competitive in the marketplace that are suitable for all types and sizes of company across the industries.
  • Quality – Our team focuses on offering greater price to quality ratio to provide great value to the money you spend.
  • Professionalism – We recruit highly matching specialists with the help of our experienced team and modern tools and technologies.
  • Access to the right skills – Our team uses the expertise of our specialists to source the candidates with the most matching skills that your business needs.

How Does Our Process to Hire Microsoft Azure Developers Work?

The recruitment process to hire Microsoft Azure developers is fully managed by our expert team with designated responsibilities and activities while the approval power fully lies with our clients like:

#1. Our Client

  • Provides the requirements for an ideal role
  • Tells about the details of technical tasks to be performed by the candidate
  • Approves the hired staff

#2. Our Recruitment Team

  • Sends CVs for final review/approval
  • Chooses the right CV through screening process
  • Arranges the interview calls in coordination with our clients
  • Makes a job offer

#3. Our Resource Management Team

  • Hired employee onboarding
  • Brands workspace in line with corporate identity of client
  • Keeps in touch to continuously facilitate staff for smooth workflow


Microsoft Azure dedicated team formation remotely

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